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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Philomena Conroy (Deery) who was born in Belfast  Ireland on 17 April 1948 and passed away on 08 November 2010 in New Jersey at the age of 62.

 We will remember her forever.xox

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On 19th Nov. We Celebrate Jim Conroy on his  Anniversary.!!

Remembering you with Fondest Love & Affection.xox. for Ever.!!


Our Sister Philomena`s 5th Anniversary

You are sorely missed by all our Family at home & abroad.

Your are Always in Our Prayers.

Joe & Family..xox.

We Remember with Fondest Love xox.

Our Dear Sister Mary on her Anniversary.!!

Margaret & Christine laid a Wreath on Philomenas Grave

Thinking of Our Dear Sister Philomena Today

on your Anniversary 8th Nov.

You are alway in Our Hearts and Prayers . xox

We Remember Our Dear Brother -in-Law Jim Conroy

who`s  Anniversary occurs on 19th Nov.

Jim you are forever in Our Hearts & Prayers. !!



Christine & Margaret  laid Wreaths at Philomenas  Grave


Jim`s Anniversary

Saint Padre-Pio Pray for him!!

                  Up-Date on Family Graves


                     Uncle Paddy`s Name Inserted on Family Plot

   ( The lettering had been worn out through the years - Now Replaced)


    Philomena`s Plaque Placed on the Grave of Mom -Dad & Aunt sally

Christmas Wreath from Moe & Megan

Clonard - Pious-List of The Dead
November is the month for the Holy Souls -
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We also Celebrate Philomena`s Anniversary on the 8th November.
She is Always in Our Hearts and Prayers.  x

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In Memory of All Those that We Love and Miss..xox

Deeply Regretted by the Deery Family at Home & Abroad.

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We Celebrate Philomena's Birthday on 17th April

Love from All Your Family.xox


3rd April is Our Mother Mary's  Anniversary

"Mom you are Always in Our Heart's & Minds"

Love you forever..xox

Heather Borton

Rest in peace grandmom Mary for years you couldn't remember the present but only the people in your past and finally by the grace of god you can be with those that your heart never forgot even when your mind did. You were an amazing and caring grandmom and always made sure everyone was taken care of. Your soul can now be free to be in the place your mind always has been in. Look down on us grandmom you will forever be in our hearts we will love an miss you always♥ RIP Mary Quinn February 4 2013♥

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In Fondest Memory of Our Beautiful Sister Mary R.I.P.


Mary T. Quinn, (neé Deery) age 83, of Woodbury, NJ died on February 4, 2013 after a lengthy illness, surrounded by her loving family. She was the daughter of the late Thomas and Mary Deery of Belfast, N. Ireland. 

It is with Deep Sadness & regret that we have learned  of the death of Philomena's husband - Jim. R.I.P.

To Philomena - At last you have him in your arms.

James R. Conroy

January 08, 1947 - November 19, 2012

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Philomena's  Anniversary occurs on

8th Nov. -

Clare passed away on Sunday 14th October 2012

Remembering Clare`s . Anniversary -

You are always in Our Hearts & Prayers


Philomena's Seat At Clonard Monastery


Mairead McGonagle shared a link.


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Marianne J. LaRosa
Born in Philadelphia, PA on Jul. 28, 1936.
Departed on Sep. 16, 2012. Resided in Bellmawr, NJ.

Marianne J. LaRosa; ( nee Ragone), 76, of Bellmawr, peacefully passed away on September 16, 2012 with her family by her side.
Farewell - Marianne.

Edha - Rest In Peace


This Video below is a Celebration in Clonard Monastery

of the Mass for the Holy-Souls, that have passed on - 

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 and Easter-Christine's Garden for Phil at home

Trilles Purpel Scroll




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Heart Rose


The Family laid Christmas Wreaths in Philomena's Honour


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Saint - Philomena Pray for Us.!

Eternal - Harmony. Philomena xox.








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The Deery Family:- Taken the year Philomena was born 1948. Mary & Francie are missing:- They went to the USA & Canada...Phil is the Baby.



Greetings and Blessings to All Our Visitor's



We Celebrated Philomena's

Birthday on the 17th April

If anyone wishes to pay a Tribute to Philomena...go to the bottom of the page and write what you feel in your can also lite a Candle in her name on the right side of the page..........Love to All, Joe

   "Philomena's Head-Stone" with Jim & James


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 Beautiful Memories of Philomena-Video

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You can light a Candle in Philomena's memory on the right side here:-

Philomena's Church at The Cemetry

CLONARD MONASTERY:- A the top of Oranmore St. where Philomena was raised as child... When the video opens,click on the small white square button beside the audio, to go full Screen

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   This is the New Clonard 25th March 2012

It took 4 years at the cost of £3.5 million.

Megan & Maureen ( Canada )

   Philomena was Born in No 24 Oranmore St.Belfast Northern Ireland

on the 17th April 1948. R.I.P.



Mary - Grandfather & Aunt Sally

Our Sister Mary's 82nd Birthday falls on the 26th Sept.

You are alway's in Our Hearts and Prayers xox.



 Dad's Anniversary was on the 13th December R.I.P.

Brother Gerard & Nephew Patrick.


Sinead, Kieran & Dad Tony.

IN MEMORY OF KATHLEEN DEERY:Click on the Link Below:

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      Sinead and Tony let go the balloons for the Cancer Charity.!!




     Aunt Sally-Uncle Paddy Connolly-Kevin & Joanne

 This Cross was made by Uncle Paddy Connolly

on the Prison Ship" AL-RAWDAH" 1940-1941


Christine & Joanne

I first want to thank everyone for coming here today to pay their respects to my mother. Many of you have traveled a great distance and the fact that all of you are here is a tribute to the kind of woman my mother was and affect she had on so many.
As I’m sure all of you know, my mother wasn’t into very flashy or ornate things. She’s probably looking down on us right now and saying “uck, what’s everyone making this big fuss about me for?” Instead, my mom cared about fostering relationships with friends and family, which in the end is vastly more important than attention or extravagance – and I think that’s something that’s evident here today.
When I first sat down to write my mother’s eulogy I immediately looked up what the word “eulogy” meant. As you might imagine, it comes from Greek, meaning “Good words.” It’s meant to praise a person – which is what I know we’re all here to do today. To praise Philomena Conroy and celebrate her life.
Good words. There aren’t enough words to define just how wonderful of a person my mother was. But certainly some spring to mind immediately for all of us.
My mother was the strongest woman I’ve ever known. Growing up I can’t remember a single time my mom was sick. I’m sure she got sick. But she never showed it. She would take care of my father and I through our colds and the flu, but never once did I hear her complain of even a stuffy nose.
That strength really showed throughout my mom’s six year battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. My mom never let it be known that she was struggling, or in pain. She never once said “why me?”
There were countless people who would meet her and say to me “if you hadn’t told me your mom had cancer I would have never known.” Her strength made her a fighter and it’s that fight that kept her with us for so long.
In my mind, if there’s a word that embodies my mom more than any other it’s selfless.
If you’ve ever been to my parents’ house then there’s no way you left hungry. As a kid friends would come over to my house and one of the first things my mom would say to them is “can I make you a sandwich?” Many times they would say “no thanks” and think that was the end of it. But it wasn’t, because about 10 minutes later she’d be asking again if they were hungry. Eventually I would say, “just let her make you a sandwich, please.”
Regardless of her situation in life she was always more concerned with how you felt. Were you ok? Just last week, as she laid in bed at the hospice she got a call from her nice Joanne from Ireland, who is here today. One of the first things my mom said to her was “how are you feeling?” Until the very end she put others before herself.

Friend I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say to me this week that my mom was the best friend they’ve ever had. How many of us can say that? That we have even one person who would call us their best friend? To have multiple people say it is a testament to just how good a person my mom was.
I think what made her a great friend to so many was the fact that she was so nonjudgmental. She wanted the best for all of us. I’m sure there are many people in this church today who shared a secret with my mom because they knew she would just listen and not critique.
I’m the only one lucky enough to call Philomena my “mom.” But, I know so many more of you think of her as a mother figure. Regardless of if you were older or younger than her, I’m sure there are multiple times that my mom said something “motherly” to you. This came from her genuine concern about our wellbeing.
As a child I think I thought some of this “motherly nature” was a bit overwhelming. A famous story in the family involves my wanting to ride my bike to Wawa. I was probably about 10 at the time and Wawa was a mile down the road. A lot of my friends went there to get candy and other great things, but my mom wouldn’t let me. She finally relented when my dad said to her without a touch of irony in his voice “Phil, the boy has to go to Wawa at some point.”
I now understand that my mom just didn’t want anything bad to happen to me. Although, she sort of got her wish since I live about 300 miles from the closest Wawa these days.
Before I sat down to write this I asked my dad if there was anything he wanted me to say in the eulogy. He said he wanted everyone to know just how much he loved my mom and how much she loved him back.
But, I didn’t really need to tell any of you that, did I?
My parents loved each other like no other couple I’ve ever seen. My mother loved my father unconditionally, and he loved her back just as much. He still loves her that much. The relationship they had should be the example everyone tries to live up to. I know there were difficult times, and sacrifices were made – but they were made for each other and I only hope that one day I have that kind of love in my life.
Last night my uncle Joe said something that I think sums up my mom very well. He said “she gave everyone a wonderful life.” In fact, just recently a friend send a note to my mom which contained a poem which pretty much said the same thing. It read:

To laugh often and much
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children
To earn the appreciation of honest critics
To appreciate beauty
To find the best in others
To leave the world a bit better

To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived
This is to have succeeded.

Based on that I would say my mom succeeded in life.

I love you mom……………..JAMES.





Tributes and Condolences
:::  / Joanne And Sinead (Niece)
Just looking over the sight very nice.
Tribute  / Paula Roddy (niece)
I would just like to say im sorry we cant be there in person on the 17th of april to remember Aunt Phil but  just to let you all know that  every one here will be thinking of you all and aunt phil will be in our prayers. My dad and mum s...  Continue >>
Thank you   / Dan Droney (Christine's husband's brother )
This is  beautiful tribute to Philomenawho I was fortunate to meet when I would visit Tim and Christine.
She remains in my thoughts and prayers.
Sincerely with love
TRIBUTE  / Frank ,clare,colleen Deery (sister,aunt)
Fond memories   / Kathy &. Mario (neice & nephew )
We may not be able to be there on the 17th April when the family gets together to remember and praise you on your birthday Aunt Phil but we are there in spirit. We love you and miss you dearly. Not a day goes by that I don't speak to you or touch you...  Continue >>
OBITUARY :- PHILOMENA CONROY  / Joe Deery (Brother)    Read >>
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